Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Catching Up On the Housework

Today has been a quiet day of cooking, washing, cleaning and ironing. They may only be simple, basic tasks but they are ones which are very necessary to the safe and smooth running of our household and our family. Everyone has plentiful, freshly laundered and ironed clothes, bedding has been changed and washed and in a fit of housewifely zeal, I even took down the shower curtain and ran that through the washing machine too, while I scrubbed the tiles clean in the bathroom!

Some overdue administrative paperwork has also been completed and will be filed away tomorrow. My very first Christmas card arrived today, from a dear Jewish friend who lives in Canada. It is definitely time for me to sit down and write my Christmas cards to be sent  before the last overseas posting date, which is in about ten days. I was also waiting for the delivery of a parcel containing some presents ready for Christmas; luckily it arrived while the girls were still at school and has now been safely hidden away in my bedroom :-)

DD4 was delighted to get a good passing grade in her gymnastics assessment at school; she hates gym and games though she loves to swim, so this grading was an ordeal she was dreading.

DD3 has had the result of her mock GCSE Catering practical cookery exam and she achieved an A * grade, so she is delighted with that. She deserves it as she has worked really very hard indeed to perfect her baking techniques, so this will give her lost of encouragement ready for the final exam next summer. There are only a few more weeks till the end of the school term and we can hopefully all relax and enjoy the Christmas break........

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elizabeth said...

sounds like a lot of wonderful things! I have so much house work to do too! be sure to rest a bit after all that work!! :) love to you! :)