Monday, 29 September 2014


DD3 has had the results of her heart monitor. 

As we thought, she has indeed been having repeated episodes of rapid tachycardia even when simply walking downstairs etc, and the Cardiologist has recommended her starting a drug to slow her heart rate down,  which will hopefully make her feel much more comfortable and enable her to lead a more normal life than she has been over the last few months. 

All medication carries some degree of risk but he is happy that for her, the benefits will far outstrip the small theoretical risk, and she is also keen to give it a try. Hopefully she will be starting on it sometime next week.

Thursday, 25 September 2014


Life is whizzing by at a relentless pace.  

DD3 is now in Sixth Form and despite her ongoing quite major health problems, is coping pretty well. She had a 48 hour Holter heart monitor test done last week and we are awaiting the results from the Cardiologist; she may need her medications adjusted and new medications added to keep her heart rate and blood pressure at more normal levels. DD4 is shooting up and developing a huge interest and talent in creating her own Manga artwork. She is currently spending a considerable amount of her spare time planning out the story line of her Manga book and also the play she is writing for the school's Young Playwright competition.

We have a family member still in hospital being assessed due to  much-worsened dementia related problems, so my DH  is staying at that house for at least 18 hours a day to care for this person's much loved but high maintenance pets. We are very much hoping that she will be able to return home fairly soon, but we have been told that an extensive package of professional carers will need to be involved in order for this to be done safely. It may not prove to be possible, in which case we as a family will be faced with dealing with some hard decisions which will be made by the hospital medical and nursing team in what is called a "Best Interests" meeting. DH and I will be asked for our opinions and wishes, but in the final analysis, the decision as to where she should live will be made by the Consultant Psycho-geriatrician because of the problems that are likely to develop as her moderately severe dementia worsens. Sigh.

We are having some essential remedial work done on our house; due to its age, the wall ties are corroding and need to be replaced. As we speak, the workmen are busily drilling out the render over old ties  and the noise and vibrations have to be heard to be believed! Poor Prince Vasyl is curled up on the sofa next to me as I type, and if he could crawl onto my lap, I think he would....