Friday, 31 July 2015

Going Round In Circles

We had a family outing on Wednesday - only to a hospital appointment, though!
We arrived in good time to make sure we would be able to locate our department, and carefully checked the map board in the main foyer, which clearly said Dept X was upstairs, as did another sign by one of the lifts.

Up we walked, only to find no sign of Dept X anywhere, and especially not where the map said it was. As we walked past the lift (we were going to use the stairs down), I happened to notice a different sign saying Dept X was downstairs as part of department Z.  So, down we marched and made our way to the new destination, only to be told we had come to the wrong place!

Apparently we needed to walk through Department Z's long ground floor corridor to the stairs/lift at the end and go up to the next floor, where we would find the mythical Department X - which did not have an access door from the main upstairs corridor. Quite why the map in the foyer could not tell you just to go to Department Z, I will never know, but we made our appointment with ten minutes to spare so we could all catch our breath.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Name Dropping, Part Two

Lots of historical re-enactors in the costumes and uniforms
 of various periods of the Regiment's long and distinguished history
 were outside the Stadium where Her Majesty the Queen, 
as Commander-In-Chief of the Regiment,
 would shortly be inspecting her troops

Y Ddraig Coch - the Red Dragon,
 the national flag of Wales.

The parade enters the stadium.

Colonel Philip Napier, Colonel of the Regiment,
 with the  Lord Mayor of Cardiff.

The Queen inspecting her troops.

So much pageantry!

One of the Regimental Chaplains leading prayers 
and blessing the new Colours. 

The giant screens meant everyone could see what was happening, 
even though Her Majesty was far away.


                                                      Chelsea Pensioners.