Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Winter Holiday, Part One

Last week, The Hubster and I went for a much-needed few days holiday
 to Center Parc at Longleat with the two Young Ones. 
The weather travelling down  was dreadful; 
this was the view as we approached the
 second Severn Crossing bridge in heavy rain. 
Prayers for a safe journey had been 
said at the family icon corner before we left home.

The weather was much better in Wiltshire! 
The whole "Center Parc" park complex is built in a forest,
 and is a wonderful place to stay.

There were lots of festive decorations around the park:

Lots of Christmas trees!

The grounds had some lovely lighted scenes...

....a fairy-tale village with artificial snow to enchant the children,

                                             And a tree adorned with colourful nesting boxes!

There were some very friendly reindeer.

And some animatronic ones which sang Christmas songs and carols....

I preferred the real-life ones :-)

Snowman statue carved out of a tree trunk!

...and some people dressed up as  fairy-tale creatures, who chatted to all the young children.

The outdoor pools and rapids were very popular
 despite the cold weather and occasional rain.

These are the animals most commonly seen at the park: 
deer, squirrel, rabbits and ducks, all made out of shrubs, moss and wire cages.

Another Christmas tree.

And another view of one of the lighted sculpture scenes.

More tomorrow!

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elizabeth said...

looks very lovely!!! Blessed Christmas... love to you!