Monday, 28 October 2013

Making Candles And Stormy Weather

We are in the midst of a massive storm; tropical storm St Jude has made its way across The Pond and hit us here in the UK yesterday and today. Lots of storm damage and localised flooding have been reported across the South- West of Britain, and travel by public transport has been quite severely disrupted.

Power outages were expected but we have been very lucky and our overhead power cables have survived the storm :-)

A friend on Facebook thoughtfully posted  a link to this site  which shows how to make 50 hour emergency candles from soy wax; I'm thinking these would be great for use in an icon corner too!  I hope to get some supplies and make some candles for emergency and  religious purposes...

There are also instructions for making pure beeswax candles.


elizabeth said...

wow... hope all continues well for you in the storm; prayers for you and family!

Candles are always wonderful for icon corners and for emergencies!

margaret said...

My chutney was an unmitigated disaster so when I've washed the jars out I might try my hand at candle making too. Thank you for the link!