Thursday, 24 October 2013

Just Keep Swimming.... they said in the the film "Finding Nemo".

I've now finished the swimming challenge which I have been doing since the start of the summer holidays; I have been swimming the equivalent distance of the English Channel, all within the confines of a nice, warm, indoor heated pool :-) Over the space of 51 days, I have swum 22 miles / 35,406 metres. I would possibly only have managed to get in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest ever time taken to swim the Channel, as  it has taken me 1 day, 21 hours and 5 minutes!

My new challenge is to swim the equivalent distance of the River Taff, from the Llwyn-on Reservoir in the Brecon Beacons down to the sea at Cardiff Bay - 40 miles in distance.As the pool I use will be closed from Christmas to February, it will be well be after Pascha before I complete it, as I average half a mile each swim, and I may only swim for five days a week. I started to swim for health reasons, and although my shape has changed dramatically, with muscle replacing quite a bit of my fat, my weight has stayed totally static but I am an awful lot fitter, stronger and healthier - a win/win situation overall.


elizabeth said...

this is a really good thing. love to you.

DebD said...

that's great! Keep up the good work.