Friday, 18 October 2013

Family News

Well, DD4 turned 12 yesterday.......

I know it is a truism, but where do the years go? When I started my blog, she was a toddler and we had just moved to this house. Now she is very much a young lady, is settling in well at Comprehensive School, and I am looking out of my beloved "Garden Window" and wondering if we will still be living here this time next year.

Since The Hubster was made redundant last year, nether he nor I have had any luck at finding a job due to the employment situation in our part of the country and our savings are fast running out. We inherited my mother's house but before it can be sold, it has needed to be completely redecorated, the bathroom has needed to be replaced and quite a few things have needed to be fixed.
 All of this has kept The Hubster occupied and working hard, as he rather enjoys DIY tasks. I can't do them to his exacting standards, so for the last few weeks I have been relegated to tackling the enclosed wilderness I mean garden; so far I have chopped up enough brambles and weeds to fill no fewer than  18 large black refuse sacks :-) It is now resembling a garden again and we very much hope and pray that we will be able to list the house with an estate agent within the next month or so and get it sold.

If we can sell our own house too, that will give us enough money to be able to purchase a detached house or bungalow, from which,  I have assured The Hubster, I have no intention of moving. Ever. The thought of packing and unpacking all our books is making me feel bilious already! One of the joys of doing my book reviewing has been having **loads** of digital books to read without Dear Husband getting stressed about even more bulky books making their way into the house and finding a permanent home........


elizabeth said...

So sorry I did not comment yet... I read your new blog on my phone, where I cannot easily add new blog feeds to my reader and the weekends often finds me only using my phone due to how weekends are here...

will email you.

Prayers, love and hugs,

Elizabeth, Mr. Husband and Cleo :)

DebD said...

I keep forgetting that your youngest and my youngest are the same age (he turned 12 in June). Yes, the time simply flies!

I hope the moving plans go smoothly. What a sad thing to have to move away, but I guess if it gets your dh and/or you a good job, that will be a good thing.

Dh and I just finished re-watching "Oliver's Travels" for the 3-4th time. As you may know, it starts out in Wales and goes over to Shropshire and then on up through to the Orkney's. You live in such a lovely part of the country. I hope you don't have to go too far from it.

margaret said...

I wish we could move to the same town! You could come to our chapel for the little hours every day you could bear us :) The first hour is a cell office but Terce, Sext and None are said according to the WR in the chapel and Fr M would so love a willing participant!