Saturday, 18 April 2015

Comic Con March 2015

The Big City hosted another Comic Con in March, so DD4 and I went for a day of fun on the Saturday; DD3 was going on the Sunday with a group of her friends. As befitting the capital of Wales, our national flower, the daffodil, was in evidence even on the lamp-posts...

The queue was enormous, even for the folk who had pre-bought their tickets. We were in the queue for those who had missed the deadline for pre-buying tickets. Yes, I know.....but it was actually quite fun standing in the queue, admiring people's costumes and laughing at snatches of overheard conversations.

Seeing a NYPD police car certainly is not normal for this area!
Neither was seeing the De Lorean car from "Back To The Future" when we got inside. It was impossible to get a really good snap of it due to the crowds.

I loved this costume from Doctor Who - he had put a huge amount of work into it
 and very graciously posed for me to take this photo :-)

And lots of general shots 
of  cos-players...

This costume was HUGE!!

The obligatory light sabres...

And Mickey! Darling Mickey!

And a not so darling Freddy Kruger...

Jeff Rawles, who played Cedric Diggory's father in Harry Potter

And this wonderful pair as Gepetto, Pinocchio et al!

We had a blast, as did DD4 on the Sunday. 
Looking forward to the next one already :-)

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