Friday, 21 February 2014

Houses For Sale

We finally have my Mum's house up for sale as well as our own, and it is interesting to hear the things people say when they visit the houses. Some classics recently have been:

"Too many rooms."

To which I was very sorely tempted to respond "So just why did you ask to view a four bedroom house with three reception rooms, then?" Needless to say, I just smiled sweetly instead.

"Not enough rooms."  Ditto. Rolls eyes

"The rooms are too small."
Well, all the dimensions were clearly printed on the estate agent's web site and in the property particulars you saw **before** you made the appointment to view our house :-)

We have more viewers scheduled for tomorrow morning, so any spare prayers would be appreciated. I find it incredibly stressful having our lives and home on display and hope it will all be over soon....... we are hoping to sell both houses and buy one detached house/bungalow instead.


Anonymous said...

Prayers to St Xenia. I feel there ought to be a Welsh saint who would help, for some reason Gwladys comes to mind so I'll ask her too.

When I sold my last house a lady glared at me and told me should could not endure green bathrooms and implied I had lost myself the sale. Again, the greenness of the bathroom was very apparent in the brochure which she had before she came...


DebD said...

I hope they sell very quickly! Yes, the responses can be so silly.

elizabeth said...

praying for you... it is not easy, the buying and selling of houses... St. Menas helped my beloved Mr. Husband sell his house...